1. Shimano Super Cup Massi calendar

Circuit of 7 XCO races of UCI category and scoring for the World Ranking.

2. General regulations

The regulations will be governed by the current regulations of the UCI technical commission and, failing that, of the Catalan Cycling Federation.

You can find the regulation of the UCI here.

3. Categories

  • Women: Elite, U23, Junior, Cadet, Master 30, Master 40 and Master 50/60
  • Men: Elite, U23, Junior, Cadet, Master 30, Master 40 and Master 50/60

4. Scoring

For the General Classification of the SHIMANO SUPER CUP MASSI 2024, the 5 best results of each rider will be taken into account.

  • The distribution of points for the championship will be as follows:

  • UCI points shall be distributed, depending on the category, as follows:

*The score may be modified in the updated regulations of the International Cycling Union (UCI).

* The score may be modified in the update of the regulations of the International Cycling Union (UCI).

**In the case of taking the Elite and U23 course separately.

  • For the EQUIPMENT Classification they will score as follows:

They will score 100% of the points:
· 2 Elit
· 2 U23
· 2 Elit
· 2 U23 Woman

They will score 50% of the points:
· 2 Junior Man
· 2 Junior Woman
· 2 Cadet Man
· 2 Cadet Woman
· 2 Master 30 Man
· 2 Master 30 Woman
· 2 Master 40 Man
· 2 Master 40 Woman
· 2 Master 50 Man

5. Clothing and advertising

The leader of each category must wear the jersey provided by the FCC, which has a 30 cm x 22 cm space at the disposal of the rider reserved for the advertising of their main sponsor. In all formal award ceremonies, participating riders must get on the podium wearing their team’s corresponding jersey and shorts.

6. Cash prizes

These will be awarded in the XCO event as follows:

* The score may be modified in the update of the regulations of the International Cycling Union (UCI).

7. Registrations

  • REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT:  Registration is open until 11:59 p.m. on the WEDNESDAY before the event.
    Payment must be made via the website. If payment is not received, confirmation shall not be provided. Telephone: (+34) 938 088 091. Email: [email protected],
  • Number plates must be collected on the day of the event (1st race), or at any other race if the competitor has not participated in any previous race, in addition to the official t-shirt of the Shimano Super Cup Massi 2024.
  • Registrations made from 30 minutes before the start of the race shall not be accepted.
  • Registrations made on the day of the race shall incur a surcharge of €10 and the rider shall not be included in the starting grid.
  • PADDOCK:  Teams that wish to make a Paddock reservation must make one single payment for all Shimano Super Cup Massi 2023 events. Go to website and fill in the reservation form with the requested data. Email: [email protected],
  • TEAMS:  In the case of teams with several riders, send the form list of the riders participating as a team in each event to [email protected]
  • Registration fees:
ELIT/ U23   M/F 52 € 42€ 40€

MASTER 30/40/50/60  M

MASTER 30/40/50/60   F


42 € 35€ 45€
CADET  M/F 34 € 30€ 30€
When collecting the number plate at the first race a €5 surcharge shall be applied (number plate/race bib, chip and t-shirt).
Registrations made on the day of the race shall incur a surcharge of €10 and will not be taken into account for the starting order. 
Riders are responsible for taking care of the provided number plate and race bib, which is valid for all races (including the special event) of the SHIMANO SUPER CUP MASSI 2024. In case of loss, riders shall be subject to a €5 number plate or race bib replacement fee.

8. Complaints

All official complaints related to irregularities throughout the duration of the race or ranking must be communicated to the Technical Panel within a period of 30 minutes after the official classification (not the previous unofficial classification) has been announced. If it is not resolved at that moment, the complaint will be passed to the Competition Committee, who will resolve matters affecting the outcome of the race within a period of four days, and matters related to possible penalties will be resolved in a period of eight days.

9. Starting order

The starting order of the races of the Shimano Super Cup Massi 2024 shall be allocated according to UCI ranking, the general ranking of the Shimano Super Cup Massi 2024 and the order of registration via the website.

10. Technical requirements

  • The leaders of the different categories must wear the leader’s jersey, which they shall be provided with. These jerseys have a space reserved for the team’s advertising.
  • Refreshments are only allowed in signposted areas.
  • Replacement parts and tools for repairs must be deposited in the signposted technical areas. Replacing equipment (except for bicycle frames) and technical assistance between members of the same team, by the team mechanic or neutral assistance is permitted.
  • Those attending the awards ceremony must attend wearing the corresponding club gear (jersey and shorts).
  • Unsportsmanlike behaviour towards other riders, the Technical Panel, organisational staff or the environment may lead to exclusion from the event.
  • Participating in the Copa Catalana de MTB International implies acceptance of these regulations. The same regulations are subject to modification, extension and interpretation by the FCC and the organising committee.
  • The organisation reserves the right to modify the circuit in the event of insurmountable obstacles. Similarly, all unforeseen circumstances shall be resolved by the members of the organisation and the event’s Technical Panel.

11. Return policy:

Any cancellation of registration must be made by email to: [email protected]. Cancellations by phone will not be accepted. Payment of the registration refund will be made by crediting the card used at the time of registration, considering the following conditions.

Request date before the event % of return
More than 30 days 80%
From 29 a 15 days 50%
Less than 14 days 0%